Hardwood Flooring Installation

There is a difference.

Question:  What is the only difference between a beautiful floor and a flooring disaster?

Answer:  Quality of installation.

“It’s a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one’s safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.”— Alan Shepherd

I couldn’t sell ice in the desert, but I can do the best hardwood flooring work that anyone in this town has ever seen. That’s the thing- I don’t sell wood floors and installation, I provide a service and I make homes beautiful. If you walk into a big box store or carpet dealer to buy hardwood flooring, here is something to keep in mind. When you hand them your hard earned dollars, there are a lot of hands in the pot. Owner, manager, salesman, and installer all take a portion of that money. The one person that you actually need to get your floors done is the last one on that list, and viewed as expendable, so they are the ones who take the hit when there is a price drop or sale. The only “volume discount” they are getting is cheaper labor. Imagine what a rush the installation team  will be in to try to make some money! I fill all of those roles in my company, so noone is getting short-changed.
It has become the fashion lately in this economy to shop around and try to save every penny. You never know, you may get lucky… I have seen the scenario many times: Customer pays good money for good flooring materials, customer hires the cheap floor installer, floors are not installed correctly, customer needs their floor replaced and the installer either won’t answer the phone or just dares customer to sue them. They got what they paid for. It’s a gamble that seldom pays off.

My credentials:

I have over 17 years experience installing wood flooring right here in the Orlando FL area

I am A+ rated by the better business bureau, with no complaints at all

I have been using the same group of guys for years to help me on installations and have made sure that they are trained properly.

With an eye for detail, I treat every floor as a blank canvas on which to create flooring masterpieces

In summary

I can make a beautiful, sound floor out of an inexpensive wood flooring product, but most of my competitors will make a sub par floor out of even the best wood they are given to use.

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