Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We use vacuum dust collection with our sanding machines that collects over 99% of all saw dust during the sanding process.

Before we start sanding, any repairs to the floor need to be done. We start sanding using the finest grit possible to use while still taking out all unevenness in the floor, and go through the progression up through finer papers, without skipping any, until the floor is smooth enough for finish. The floor would have been flood filled with wood putty before the final paper was run. Then we remove marks using a floor buffer and an orbital sander around the edges. Next the floor is vacuumed and then tack ragged. The next step is to apply the stain or first coat of finish. Two or more additional coats will by applied after the sealer coat is dried, for a total of at least three coats of finish on every job.

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