Hardwood Floor Installation

We start every wood or laminate flooring installation by assessing the environmental conditions on the jobsite such as external drainage and cracks in exterior walls. If everything looks good, we clear the areas and remove the existing flooring. Then we do concrete moisture testing, and check for the flatness of the subfloor. If problems are encountered, we use the appropriate products to correct them before proceeding. Once we have a sound, dry, and flat surface to work over, we install the flooring in accordance with the wood and adhesive manufacturers’ instructions, while taking care to keep the floor free of glue spots, to insure warranty compliance. Next we glue and nail down the transitions, and then install the base or shoe moldings and caulk them. Before we place the furniture back, we vacuum the floor, clean the floor again with an adhesive solvent, and then remove the solvent residue with a damp cloth, before finally placing felt pads on the furniture and putting it back in place.

It is our unwavering commitment to following this process that sets us way above and beyond all of our competition.

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